Obesity Epidemic causes 22,000 cases of cancer each year:
OMA calls for people to take personal responsibility before it’s too late

According to the The World Cancer Research Fund, more than 22,000 Britons suffer from cancer every year because they are overweight, with obesity heightening the risk of at least seven types of the disease, including breast cancer, bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, womb cancer, kidney cancer, oesophagus cancer and gall bladder cancer.

The Obesity Management Association (OMA) is calling for people to take personal responsibility and decisive action, before it is too late.

Robert Houtman of the OMA said:

“Researchers have found that excess fat is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking, with The World Cancer Research Fund calculating that being overweight or obese is directly responsible for 22,138 cases of the disease every year.

“We need to get to the root of this problem and fast.  If we want to prevent cancer, we must first tackle obesity.

“The NHS cannot handle the knock-on health implications of the UK’s spiralling obesity crisis and we must look for alternative solutions.  Licenced and proven anti-obesity medication, monitored and prescribed by doctors in private clinics, can help us quell the epidemic; reducing cancer rates and helping people transform their lives.

“The Obesity Management Association (OMA) encourages individuals to take personal responsibility for their weight as a matter of urgency and will be launching the ‘My Weight, My Future’ campaign next month.”