David Burrowes MP visits North London Slimming Clinic

David Burrowes, Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate, has recently visited the OMA affiliated North London Slimming Clinic.  The visit is part of an ongoing course of engagement by the OMA to educate local political representatives of the problem that obesity is in their local constituencies.

During the visit, Karen Sanger who runs the Enfield Clinic explained that in Mr Burrowes’ constituency, the cost incurred by the Enfield PCT as a result of treating overweight and obese patients will hit £84.1m by 2015.  The North London Slimming Clinic has been working for 15 years to combat obesity in the area and is the only clinic in the local area that offers support to those in need.

Speaking after the event, David Burrowes MP said:

“I was pleased to visit a local slimming clinic in my constituency. Obesity is a priority which needs specialist local advice and support like North London Slimming Clinic.”

OMA members are continuing to meet and brief their constituency MPs over coming months to raise awareness of medical solutions to obesity, demonstrate how clinics can transform people’s lives and show how they can save the NHS and the tax payer significant amounts of money.