Crawley National Slimming Clinic visited by Henry Smith MP

The OMA affiliated Crawley National Slimming Clinic recently welcomed Henry Smith, the Conservative MP for Crawley, to the clinic to learn more about their work to combat obesity in the constituency.  The Crawley clinic has been working to combat obesity for the last 20 years by employing a dual approach of behavioural interventions and medical solutions.

The prevalence of obesity in the Crawley area is significant and is above the regional average for the South East, with the National Obesity Observatory calculating that 28.4% of adults in Crawley are obese.  Treating overweight and obese patients in 2010 cost the West Sussex PCT a staggering £207m, and if current rates continue this will rise to £221.4m by 2015.

Speaking after the visit, Henry Smith, said:

It was great to see the work that is being done at the Crawley National Slimming Clinic.  The health of the country has to be the first priority of any elected representative and obesity is fast becoming a debilitating drain on the NHS.  We simply need alternative solutions and this is exactly what is being offered by the OMA.”

This is the latest visit organised by the OMA to educate elected representatives about the success of removing the burden on the NHS by providing an effective dual approach of behavioural interventions and medical solutions.