Laura Sandys MP visits Weight Medics Broadstairs

OMA member organisation, the Weight Medics Broadstairs clinic, was honoured to recently welcome MP for South Thanet, Laura Sandys.  The OMA has been coordinating a number of MP visits as a part of a political engagement programme undertaken to raise the profile of obesity issues in the UK and the role that clinics can play to combat these life threatening and costly issues.

Carol Partington, and Broadstair’s resident doctor, Rajesh Nemane, met with Mrs Sandys to discuss the work of the clinic and its personalised approach to treatment.  A patient of the clinic also had the opportunity to meet with Ms Sandys and discuss their successful weight loss.

Dr Rajesh Nemane briefed Mrs Sandys on the important work that OMA clinics do, and the problem that obesity is within her constituency.  Thanet, according to the National Centre for Social Research’s figures from 2006-2008, was in the highest category of obesity prevalence with 27.7% of adults obese compared to the national average of 24.2%.

Speaking after the event, Laura Sandys commented:

Obesity is a real challenge for us all and I am keen that children receive better education on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles in school. I am also directly involved in this through a food pilot in which I am working with local Sure Start Children’s Centres, Thanet College and supermarkets to try to eradicate the perception that eating healthily means eating expensively. It was very interesting to visit Weight Medics in Broadstairs and speak with both a doctor and patient about the work that the clinic undertakes.”

OMA members are continuing to meet and brief their constituency MPs over coming months to raise awareness of medical solutions to obesity, demonstrate how clinics can transform people’s lives and show how they can save the NHS and the tax payer significant amounts of money.