Simon Wright MP visits Norwich National Slimming Clinic

Simon Wright, Member of Parliament for Norwich South, is the latest MP to have enjoyed a visit to an Obesity Management Association Member Clinic.  Mr Wright spent time at the Norwich National Slimming Clinic in his constituency, speaking with the clinic’s staff and learning more about how they are working to tackle obesity in the area.

Obesity places a huge burden on the Norfolk PCT, with a staggering £195.8 million spent on treating overweight and obese patients in 2010.  This is due to almost a quarter of all adults being obese in the Norfolk area (2006-2008 figures).  If these current trends continue, it is anticipated this cost will rise to £209.4million by 2015.

Norwich National Slimming clinic is working hard to make sure this does not have to be the case, by providing affordable medical and behavioural solutions direct to patients.  Simon Wright’s visit is one of many being organised for Members of Parliament up and down the country, in order to raise awareness about the spiralling epidemic and demonstrate how effective this type of treatment can be.

Mr Wright commented after the visit:

"I was very pleased to visit the Norwich National Slimming Centre to discuss treatment options for those with obesity. It’s vital that politicians recognise the impact of obesity on individuals and society as a whole, and support the efforts of those who are tackling this issue. The health consequences of obesity can be incredibly damaging, and the resulting cost to the NHS runs into billions of pounds."

Simon has previously worked in Parliament to champion the need to tackle the ever-growing problem of obesity and to reduce the burden it places on the NHS.