What is OMA?

OMA is a self- regulating, professional association for Doctors, weight management clinicians, private clinics and those engaged in the provision of weight management solutions.

To regulate and monitor best clinical practice in the Obesity Management Private Clinic sector

To provide Patients and Members of the Public with accurate information on obesity and the full range of treatments available

To actively engage in the education and research on the subject of obesity

To interact with Government, the Medicines Control Agency, the National Health Service, The European Union and others to meet the needs of patients

Work with other professional bodies that are active in the treatment of obesity

OMA is the ethical voice of the Obesity Management Private Clinic sector


How is OMA Managed?

OMA is managed by a board of trustees whose members represent Doctors, private clinic owners and members of the public.
In addition to the Management Board there are five other committees;

  • Ethics and Statutory
  • Membership
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Communication


 The benefits to the public can be identified as follows;

  • OMA Members adhere to a published Code of Ethics to ensure best clinical practice
  • Access to information through the OMA website and Administration Office
  • Access to a list of locally registered OMA Members
  • A source of accurate and non-biased information
  • Ability to register complaints
  • Compliance with Care Quality Commission requirements


What patients should expect

  • All registered members of OMA agree to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics which are based on the General Medical Council guidelines, which apply to every doctor practicing medicine in the United Kingdom
  • Regular consultations to ensure the health of the patient
  • Patient treatments, monitoring and prescriptions will be conducted by a qualified doctor.
  • It is recommended that patients give their consent to inform their GPS as to the treatment they receive. This cannot take place without patient approval.
  • For patient safety OMA recommends that the public should ensure doctors practicing within obesity management clinics are registered with the Association.


Complaints Procedure

  • Should a patient believe a member has failed to comply with the Association's Code of Ethics that patient has the ability to register a complaint, in writing, with the Executive Director who will in turn forward the complaint to the Chairman of The Ethics and Statutory Committee.
  • The complaint will be investigated by the Ethics and Statutory Committee and a report of the Committee's findings and recommendations will be presented to the patient.


Where can I find an OMA Registered Doctor or Clinic?

  • A list of registered doctors and clinics in your area is available from the Associations offices and also here.
  • Each registered clinic must display the Associations registration certificate on its premises.