Spotlighting the danger of obtaining medications via the internet without proper medical supervision.

Do you know what you are buying?

Up to 50% of drugs seized are counterfeit and these may at best be harmless. How do you know that the internet site you are buying from is genuine?

In comparison, all licensed medicines undergo extensive, double blind trials to establish safety and effectiveness.

Frequently, untested herbal preparations mascarade as controlled medicines by exploiting confusion over spellings. Are you looking for Phentarprine? or is it perhaps Phentirmen?

Most herbal 'medications' have not undergone formal testing and their safety and efficacy are open to doubt. Any claims made as a consequence of trials, usually involve limited controls, a small testing sample and unsubstantiated results.

Warnings about the consequences of using the internet to buy unlicenced substances are regularly reported by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Are you within the law?

In the UK, a consultation and prescription are required to legally obtain prescription only drugs. 

Buying from non-accredited overseas sites increases the risk that the goods will be counterfeit or out of date. It's illegal to import contolled medications without a licence and so, if discovered, they will be impounded by Customs and Excise on entry to the UK.

Is the product safe?

Do you know if you have any medical contraindictions to the products you are buying? As with all medications, it's possible they will harm you.

Have you checked your blood pressure recently? Do you have a family history of medical concerns? Is it possible that a new medication will react badly with any existing drug you are taking? The contraceptive pill for instance?

Recent research by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM) found that:

62% of medicines bought online are fake or substandard.
95.6% of online pharmacies checked are operating illegally.
94% of websites do not have a named, verifiable pharmacist.
90% of websites supply prescription-only medicines without a prescription.

In comparison all OMA clinics....

.....are expected to comply with comprehensive regulatory standards set by Goverment Inspectorate, the Care Quality Commission.
.....if required, can provide audit trails to prove that controlled medications from licenced manufacturers have been prescribed.
.....use medications have undergone comprehensive double blind trials to prove beyond doubt that they are safe and effective.
.....provide a health check to ensure that patients are suitable for treatment. 
.....have a wealth of experience, mainstream medical knowledge and can provide moral support.
.....usually charge less than comparable illegal imports.
.....provide one-on-one supervised care for specific advice.
.....are always available to advise those with concerns.